Paris-based artist Alix Waline gives me a sneak peak of her latest project, a mural for the new Kinugawa restaurant rue Jean Mermoz in the 8th Arrondissement.

Chiara Colombini : When did you begin to draw ?

Alix Waline : I studied history of art at the Sorbonne in Paris, then Fine Arts, also in Paris. I began drawing then, before that I used to play the piano.

CC : You have just started on a new project. What are your sources of inspiration for this project ?

AW : Japanese prints and landscapes by Friedrich.

The Riesengbirge - Friedrich

CC : Do you prepare preliminary sketches ? How long does it take to create a mural ?

AW : I always begin by preparing composition sketches but I like to allow the artwork to evolve… I make marks with charcoal to begin, then I draw directly on the wall using Posca pens. Generally, it takes at least a week to complete a mural. It can easily be three to four weeks for larger projects.

Alix Waline - Work in Progress

CC : Your murals have been featured in some of the top Paris hotels and restaurants (Kinugawa, The Chess Hotel). Do you prefer working in public spaces or in private homes ?

AW : I enjoy both. When I work for private clients I spend a considerable amount of time talking to the clients to understand exactly what they require. In public spaces it is often possible to be more daring ! Some clients will have a more precise idea, others let me take the lead.

CC : Do you frequently collaborate with interior designers ?

AW : Yes, notably Gilles & Boissier.

CC : Which project are you the most proud of ?

AW : Kinugawa ! Creating a 6.5m high mural was a real challenge.

Kinugawa Alix Waline

CC : What inspires you ?

AW : Art, landscapes, music…

CC : Do you have plans to work using colour ?

AW : Yes but in small touches, I like the idea of transparency.

CC : A favourite artist ?

AW : Giuseppe Penone, James Turrel, Sol Lewitt, Georges Seurat, Caspar David Friedrich, Laurent Grasso.

CC : Any favourite places in Paris ?

AW : I love crossing the river Seine and looking at the Paris rooftops.

CC : What are your projects for the coming year ?

AW : Decorating a restaurant in Paris, a private residence, working on lamp-shades for Gilles & Boissier and launching a wallpaper (more info coming soon !)