Di Fretto Studio | Chiara Colombini

Of Italian descent on her father's side and Polish on her mother's side, Aurélie Fretti grew up in a village in Eastern France, immersed in the heart of Italian communities, modest but brimming with joy. A former Parisian advertiser, motherhood triggered her creative journey. She left urban life for the tranquility of the countryside, surrounded by her pets.

Instinctively, without formal training, she discovered ceramics and explored her sensitivity through the living elements around her. Later, her collaboration with wood & stone carvers and sculptors introduced her to this new world.

She could cast resin with marble powder, bronze, or aluminum, much like attacking a tree stump with a chainsaw to shape it into a monumental twist, one of her flagship pieces, named “Babka” in homage to the Polish pastries of her childhood.

Italy is another omnipresent muse in her work; the return to the body as the main topic for art creation during antiquity is expressed through her creations, that she brings into the contemporary universe. Roman bas-reliefs transform into wall lights. The “Upside-down” lamp evokes Sicilian vases but, in the midst of an identity crisis at the age of 40, the head presents itself upside down and becomes a source of light, a symbol of life.

Di Fretto emerges from this initiatory journey, offering pieces that escape traditional circuits, unique and handcrafted. Sensual and brutal, these works of Art we take time to desire, convey an inspiration rooted in the living things.

Pieces with timeless souls and ancient echoes, twisted or sculpted with raw finishes, indulgent, generous, and reassuring shapes. Wall lights, lamps, vases, wall pieces : Aurélie Fretti combines beauty with utility.

Through her creations, she poetically narrates her origins and rebirth in the heart of nature.