Designer’s Days is now on in Paris ! This afternoon I saw Bruno Moinard’s installation in the Musée Eugène Delacroix. The museum is located in what was Delacroix’s house and atelier. Delacroix moved here in 1857, to be close to Saint-Sulpice (he had been commissioned to decorate the church’s chapel).

Bruno Moinard decorated the artist’s atelier with a selection of furniture and textiles inspired by Delacroix’s work. The wall installation appears to be a huge painting which becomes a rug on reaching the floor.The tapestry design stretches from one cushion to another, like a painting. The side tables are inspired by the shape of pots of paint.

The rich colour palette – reds, blues, chocolate browns – is taken from Delacroix’s paintings. Pictured here are Etude d’Après Goya, Plats de Reliures et Veste Orientale, L’Education de la Vierge and Le Christ au Jardin des Oliviers.

Paintings by Delacroix

The Atelier is located in place de Furstenberg, right in the centre of Paris, but on entering you seem to be transported to the countryside.

Eugene Delacroix's Atelier in Paris

Eugène Delacroix Museum - The Garden