FUGIT VASE by Mason Editions

Fugit Vase, design Matteo Fiorini for Mason Editions.

The Fugit vase is a sculptural, architectural piece, which gives a alterning sense of fullness and emptiness. The Fugit vase is designed to complement a floral arrangement, the edgy and asymmetric aesthetics of the vase contrasting with the soft organic lines of the flowers.

Mason Editions is an all-Italian brand, founded by Fabio Mason and designers Serena Confalonieri, Matteo Fiorini and Martina Bartoli. Their collection is elegant, fresh, pared-back yet whimsical. 

The Fugit vase is made in Italy.

  • Width : L12cm
  • Height : H34cm
  • Depth : P15cm
321.67 €
Please allow 1 - 2 weeks for delivery