INDIGO STORM BOWL by Faye Toogood for 1882 Ltd

Indigo Storm, a beautiful new range of ceramic designs by Faye Toogood for 1882 Ltd, celebrates the serendipitous beauty of the patterns that form when pigments are mixed. The colours used are those of English Delftware : cream offset with a deep, vibrant blue. 

Faye Toogood is a British designer. With an academic training in fine art, Toogood approaches product design with a singular and acutely honed eye. Her work is highly sculptural and whilst showing an astute respect for the past,  looks resolutely towards the future.

1882 Ltd is based in Hanley, one of the “Six Towns” (collectively known as "The Potteries") that make up Stoke on Trent – the traditional heartland of Britain’s china industry. 

  • Diameter : 19 cm
16.25 €
Delivery in 48h