Pani Jurek

The Pani Jurek studio lies on the border between fine art, craft and design. 

The brand was founded in 2010 by Magda Jurek. A painting graduate, Magda rarely designs under a brief. She thinks of her objects as signs, sculptures or installations, treating them as a canvas for building compositions. Utility forms are  as means of expression: colors, stains, textures, shapes that form an abstract composition.

Pani Jurek's objects go beyond conventional functions, where interactivity is an inherent feature. Conceived as elements of a composition, the objects are designed according to their environment and the people who use them.

Pani Jurek's fascination with materials, particularly ceramics, and respect for their possibilities and limits, are evident in all his products.

The handmade process adds an element of surprise and uniqueness. The artisanal method means that the maker is in control of the entire process. Behind every object made, from start to finish, is a specific person, and the sum of his or her experience, talent, manual skills and knowledge of materials.

To create an object, we use the full potential of our movements, senses and attention. 

This gives full control over the quality of the products and brings the indispensable human touch to craftsmanship.

"My projects are personal, they mature for a long time. They combine several threads, which at the right moment or under some impulse, come together. I love to hide meanings in objects, even if they are only readable to me. Little obsessions, memories, lasting fascinations, merge with everyday observations. It is wonderful to see how such disparate phenomena or observations come together in the form of an object."