Atelier Areti

Atelier Areti produce beautiful, useful, well designed lights that are made to last ("Areti" means virtue and excellence in Greek). 

The design studio was founded in 2008 by architect / interior designer sisters Gwendolyn and Guillane Kerschbaumer. Gwendolyn and Guillane's background in the visual arts - drawing, sculpture, architecture and design - is reflected in the strong sculptural aspect of Atelier Areti's designs. Each light is designed from a spatial point of view, with a focus on how it exists in a space, how it interacts with this space and defines it.

Each piece in Atelier Areti's collection is designed with an idea of timelessness. In the words of the designers / sisters : "We strive to develop something new and beautiful through our work... A well done object will be valued for a long time; we aim to create pieces that remain relevant through their beauty, function and quality".

Each light is made using high quality materials such as metal, solid brass or hand-blown glass and produced in an environmentally conscious way, by master craftsmen and manufactures in Germany.