Hublot Wall Light, Entrelacs.

Sometimes the simplest forms can be the most complicated to manufacture. The design of the Hublot wall light is stripped back to the most elementary shapes, allowing the beauty of the materials and the excellence of the craftsmanship to shine through.

Each Entrelacs light is entirely made in the family-run Macheret foundry. Based in the French Loire Valley, the foundry has specialised in bronze work for the last 35 years, undertaking all parts of the manufacturing process from the initial sketch to the final polishing.

Created by the decorator Philippe Macheret, the foundry is now run by two of his sons, Yves and Paul, who continue the family manufacturing tradition, adding their own impetus.

The Macheret art-foundry is EPV certified (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant), which guarantees irreproachable quality.

The Hublot wall light is made in bronze and alabaster.

Bulb specification : LED 2700K, 792 lumens (included). IP64.

  • Width : W12 cm
  • Height : HT47 cm
1,063.33 €
Made to order. Please allow 2 - 4 weeks for delivery