Sammode is a family-owned business, founded in 1927 in Châtillon-sur-Saône by a family from the Vosges region of France. Now run by the fourth generation, Sammode continues to manufacture all lighting in the Vosges. 

One of few companies who master the chain of expertise from end to end, Sammode designs and manufactures all their own lights. Every piece - even the smallest component - is made by Sammode in France. This complete control of the production chain means that each light is produced to the most exacting standards. 

Sammode frequently asks architects, designers and artists to revisit its iconic lighting, for example Normal Studio, with the "Paname" collection or Dominique Perrault and Gaëlle Lauriot-Prévost with "Pure". Sammode have also recently developed a faithful reissue of groundbreaking French designer Pierre Guariche. 

Sammode is committed to producing high-quality, sustainable, functional, inventive, robust and durable lights.