Malgorzata Bany Artist & Designer | Chiara Colombini

All Malgorzata Bany's pieces share a special sculptural quality, whether they are small pieces such as bowls or candlesticks or monumental pieces of furniture.

Malgorzata Bany specialises in Jesmonite, a durable manmade material produced with a mineral base and water-based acrylic resin, that can be cast to resemble wood, stone or other materials. Her pieces have a plaster-like finish, but are stronger than works made in plaster and are cool to the touch like stone. 

Bany makes her pieces herself, first sanding or carving the space around her objects from blue foam with modelling tools. She then pours Jesmonite into the negative space. Once this has set, the foam is removed and the solid object revealed. Unique and irresistibly tactile, her smaller pieces are like polished pebbles, while her textured Acacia range has the appearance of calcified stone.

Bany's Pilotis range is inspired by modernist support columns. Her idea was to take one simple shape and make as many variations of that as possible. The range includes a low table, a console table, side table and table-top platter. Each piece is minimal and utilitarian, and the proportions are altered according to usage. “I think of form first", says Bany. 

Malgorzata Bany studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, the Falmouth School of Art and the Slade School of Fine Art before moving into sculpture and design. Her work has been described by Elle Deco as "future collectible"

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