French lighting brand Magic Circus is about the spectacular. Founder Marie-Lise Féry loves the aesthetic of the 1920s and 30s and the world of cabaret and the stage. Stepping into Magic Circus' world is a little like stepping into Wes Anderson's Grand Budapest Hotel : into a realm of style, elegance, a mix of different periods, fantasy...

Like a piece of jewellery, each lamp is handmade with hand-blown glass, and the bespoke metal finishes are crafted in a workshop in Europe using traditional techniques and expertise.

These are lights that are designed to look great night and day, when turned on or switched off. Marie-Lise Féry likes the idea that her designs effectively reinvent themselves when positioned where they may be least expected. Each lamp has an undeniable presence defined by its restrained lines and familiar decorative references. The over-scaled versions give a very strong and undeniably modern effect. 

Magic Circus' lighting collection perpetuates the French lifestyle tradition, balancing fantasy and sophistication.