Le Berre Vevaud | Chiara Colombini

Raphaël Le Berre and Thomas Vevaud deploy a decorative vocabulary reminiscent of the great French designers, sharing their appreciation for exceptional craftsmanship, authentic materials, and carefully curated colour palettes.

From Parisian townhouses and London penthouses to Mediterranean retreats, their scope is vast. The duo tailor their style to the lifestyle of their clients, the typology of the spaces, and the natural environment.

Raphaël Le Berre and Thomas Vevaud assert their taste for a certain eclecticism. While the timeless sophistication of Art Deco, the avant-garde energy of Bauhaus, and the Memphis movement, continues to guide them, they notably follow in the footsteps of artist Ado Chale, known for his experiments with metals and other composite materials, and architect Charles Deacon, famous for his unique houses with elliptical curves. The architectural works of Jacques Couëlle also serve as a powerful source of inspiration.

Circulation patterns, light diffusion, functionality, and intimacy are all considered with the same seriousness as aesthetic expression.

Balancing elegance and radicality, they favour an artistic approach. Inspired by organic and sensual forms, Le Berre Vevaud design custom furniture for their projects and exclusive collections of lighting and objects, such as the Nomad Collection, which takes us on a journey between sky and earth.