Oros | Chiara Colombini

Founded on passion and tradition, OROS is more than just a brand - it's a legacy. It all began with Roger Amoros, a master craftsman of wood, passing down his expertise to his daughter, Laure. Immersed in the atmosphere of craftsmanship from a young age, Laure grew up surrounded by her father's creations and her mother's pottery. It is in this creatively charged environment that the name OROS truly came to life, embodying the family heritage and love for craftsmanship.

After exploring the realms of communication and design, Laure returned to her roots with a renewed vision. In 2015, she founded OROS with the mission of perpetuating her father's passion for wood. For OROS, each piece is more than just an object - it's a story, a connection between the past and the present, between tradition and modernity.

OROS strives to value wood essences, preserve traditional techniques, explore their evolution, and promote contemporary creation. Most products result from collaborations between designers, artisans, and OROS. Ideas emerge from understanding the work of each contributor and visiting their workshops. Each item is then handcrafted in France by various artisans or small workshops, ensuring quality, proximity, and the promotion of local craftsmanship.

With a focus on local and sustainable production, OROS sources materials from the region where items are crafted. Wood, sourced from responsibly managed forests, private logging, or offcuts, highlights the natural beauty of the material with distinctive features such as pronounced grain patterns, knots, or rings. Each item is produced in small batches, sometimes made to order, to respond more accurately to demand and encourage conscientious consumption.