Nordic Tales | Chiara Colombini

Nordic Tales draws on the tradition of Scandinavian design, merging classic heritage with a contemporary vision. The brand's mission is to give voice to young talented designers, allowing them to tell stories that inspire change.

Nordic Tales believes that everything around us has a story to tell, that every object offers infinite narrative depth. Each Nordic Tales product is therefore much more than just an object: it is the protagonist of a story that unfolds through its form, its aesthetics, and even its packaging. The brand firmly believes that what differentiates a house from a home are personal stories, embodied in interior design, that's why their creations aim at stimulating imagination and making homes around the world richer, more vibrant.

Nordic Tales built a circular economic model, which prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility. The brand designs lamps with easy disassembly features to promote resource efficiency, reduce waste, and foster sustainability. They have also chosen to produce all glass in Europe to reduce carbon footprint, ensure compliance with environmental and safety regulations, and strengthen supply chain resilience.

The pieces are characterized by clean lines and a focus on natural materials, but also by Nordic Tales' attention to the light they emit, considering its influence on well-being: "While no one would argue against music playing a profound role in how a situation is perceived, we postulate that light plays a similar, albeit more subtle, role."