BETWEEN HEAVEN & EARTH by Sabatina Leccia

In her "Entre Ciel et Terre" series, textile artist Sabatina Leccia plays with dots, creating poetic, organic landscapes.

Alongside the small ink dots, Sabatina Leccia pierces the paper in order to add texture.

Each piece is unique and entirely made by hand, in a slow life approach, where time is suspended and imagination reigns freely. 

Since graduating from Central St. Martins, Sabatina Leccia has developed projects using various mediums : embroidery, ceramics, glass... She is particularly attached to the idea of creating unique one-off pieces and is renowned for her simultaneously bold and delicate use of colour.

Sabatina Leccia lives and works in France. 

  • Width : 32cm
  • Height : 32cm
300.00 €
Delivery in 3 - 5 days