JEEVES by La Chance

Gaston and Nicholas have updated the conservative valet / jacket stand into an elegant wall mounted object made of wood and marble. It is called Jeeves in reference to the P.G Wodehouse novel character, a butler who defines himself as a gentleman’s personal gentleman.

Available in either black stained beech, walnut + black stained beech or marble + walnut. The structure is in steel.

La Chance incarnates a certain ideal of French style, proposing sophisticated, graphic pieces that bring a glamourous edge to contemporary interiors. The materials used are noble : solid wood, metal, marble, blown glass..., natural and sustainably sourced.

Made in Europe.

  • Weight : 1 kg
  • Length : 62
  • Width : 15
  • Height : 25 cm
344.17 €
Delivery in 3 - 5 days