KENTIA by Atelier du Mur

Kentia Wall Panel, Atélier du Mur.

The Kentia wall panel is made following the traditional Fresco technique, used in Renaissance Italy. A mortar made up of sand, marble powder, lime and pigments is applied to the surface, clouted and smoothed. The motif is then imprinted and the surface painted a fresco with diluted pigments. If the surface is engraved to give a rougher aspect (sgrafitto), this must also be done within the day. When metals (gold, copper, aluminium, silver leaf...) are applied it is necessary to wait a couple of days for the mortar to be completely dry.

Made by hand in a small atélier in Versailles, France.

  • Length : 60
  • Width : 60 cm
1,000.00 €
Made to order. Please allow 4 weeks for delivery.