Secure Online Transactions | Chiara Colombini

We accept Visa, Mastercard and Paypal.

You may also pay by bank transfer.

Online payments are processed on a secure platform through Payline (hosted by Monext / Crédit Mutuel). We do not have access to your credit card numbers or data. Payline uses the most efficient possible methods of ensuring secure online transactions :

- Anti-phishing client-server authentication

- Purchaser authentication: each transaction generates a time-stamped single-use authentication token

- Protection against fraudulent transactions: OWASP 2010-compliant

- Transaction encryption and integrity: SSL v3 256 bit protocol

- Encryption of sensitive data: SHA-256


In the event that decide you would like to modify an order that has been placed, please contact send us an email to Please note that we are unable to modify an order that has already been sent.