by Alix Thomsen

Alix Thomsen’s Lookbook celebrates a kind of naïve elegance. The colours used – white, black, gold, with a touch of marble – create a poetic atmosphere. Thomsen revisits the codes of Art Deco, bringing a contemporary touch by grouping graphic pendants by Atelier Areti. These pendants bring a minimal, yet whimsical feel.

The curved lines of the alcoves display this collection in a way which is light and airy, yet unmistakably chic.

In 2009, Alix Thomsen created Thomsen: a brand of clothes that also defines itself as a state of mind. Classic and audacious, Thomsen freely mixes retro prints with modern cuts whilst playfully challenging preconceived gender identities. The brand has also multiplied its collaborations with brands such as Rivieras, Feiyue, Anna Rivka, Claudie Pierlot, Henriette Jansens, etc., as well as with artists like the composer Séverin, the painter Rafael Alterio or the writer Arthur Dreyfus.

Alix Thomsen is also a dab hand at interior design : one of her first projects being that of her Paris shop, quickly followed by private residences and a hotel, "l'Hôtel du Temps", where she mixes second-hand and modernism, in the Arts & Crafts spirit true to her brand.