Versant Edition

More than anything, Versant Edition is a place, a region, a backdrop, a landscape. Created in the Ossau Valley in the heart of the Pyrenees Mountains, Versant Edition takes its inspiration and its originality from the mountain range and its summits as well as the valleys which surround it.

In the Pyrenees, founder Yann Bourigault has discovered a region with a deeply rooted tradition of furniture making. Woodworkers, metal workers, chairmakers, tanners, marble masons... have lived and worked in the Pyrenees for generations.

Yann Bourigault has made it his mission to bring together these craftsmen with international designers, to create a contemporary, very elegant collection, infused with a deep respect for traditional craftsmanship.

Versant Edition work in close collaboration with their craftsmen to choose the most beautiful materials for each piece: a particular vein in a particular slab of marble, the best quality of leather... When it comes to wood, Versant Edition lean towards walnut and oak, each having an incomparable texture, grain and luster.

Versant Edition have recently introduced the Heritage Collection, featuring a new series of marble from the Pyrenees: Petit Antique, an explosion of blacks and whites, as well as Sarrancolin Versailles, the ultimate multicolour marble.